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Commercial prospecting is an essential activity for any BtoB company, enabling you to find new prospects in order to transform them into new customers and then to retain them
In order for it to be effective and to enable you to achieve your objectives, you must put in place new tools and innovative methods that follow the evolution of the market.

This is a time-consuming process that requires the mobilisation of significant human and technical resources and is often very frustrating given the potential difficulties encountered in making contact with your targets.

The Outsourced prospecting allows you to gain in efficiency and better manage your time but also to be able to concentrate on your core business by becoming specialists in generating qualified leads.

And it is with Sales Leads that you have the opportunity to quickly feed your sales pipeline through our sales prospecting outsourcing offer.

What is an outsourced sales force?

What company does not include in its objectives the promotion of a strong dynamic for its sales force? Prospecting for and retaining new customers are at the heart of any business project, which cannot exist without the regular generation of new leads, including making appointments, signing contracts and validating orders.

Outsourcing your prospecting consists of delegating the marketing and sales functions to a specialist company outside your professional organisation. Rather than mobilising significant in-house resources, you entrust the search for prospects your prospects to professionals.

At Sales Leads, we understand the market in which you operate, whatever your sector of activity, and we know its particularities and the challenges that arise from them. This expertise enables us to keep a constant watch on possible bottlenecks and market opportunities.

Project identification, telephone marketing , multi channel prospecting strategy, mailing, research of prescribers, follow-ups, appointment setting, the Sales Leads accompany you from prospecting to the signing of your contracts.
We position ourselves as an accelerator in the execution of your sales plan.

Our approach in 4 steps

We humanise and personalise each of your campaigns to create a relationship of trust with your prospects

We know that it's difficult to generate qualified leads, and even more difficult to convert them into customers.

And it's true that you may be spending too much time prospecting contacts who are of no real interest to your business.

Targeting and building databases

A database of + more than 11 million companies.

We find and segment all your prospects (job, sector, locality, structure, etc.) from our millions of professional contacts.

Multi-sector experience

Our team will work on the profile of your ideal customer, identify the best channels for reaching them and establish the sales approach to qualify them.

Omnichannel approach

A perfect copywriting.

Because words have real persuasive power, we can turn any reader into a buyer.

Our talents

If you are still wondering about the possibilities that outsourcing your sales prospecting , opens up for you, you should know that Sales Leads' talents include teams of specialised "digital natives"
and « Inside Sales » marketers who have mastered your markets and sectors of activity. But we also have a complementary division to exploit the flow of leads and direct prospecting for project generation and appointment setting, as well as a marketing division that works on designing creative, innovative and engaging campaigns to generate a regular flow of contacts.

Why outsource your business development?

All sales performance is based on the definition of a high-impact marketing strategy that consists of prospecting for new customers and taking them to the point of making a sale. Choosing to keep your sales force in-house exposes you to many disadvantages:

Outsourcing your sales prospecting provides concrete solutions to all these problems. By calling on the business expertise of the Sales Leads team, you have the opportunity to focus on your core business and optimise your resources to deploy them in areas that fall within your field of competence.

By entrusting your marketing and sales strategy to our outsourced prospecting agency, you can make your internal services more fluid and efficient and develop your know-how.

The recipe for your success, monitoring your KPIs

Unlock the growth potential of your business with our experienced sales developers and limited to 3 clients maximum for best results!

Lead generation in the digital era thanks to...

Sales executive dashboard

Follow the KPI'S

First determine them initially: Number of contacts affected (impressions) by our content; Number of clicks; Social engagement (number of likes & comments).

Then follow them regularly, collaborate in test mode & learn to identify the most relevant communications that generate the most traffic on the site and requests for information.

Diversify your acquisition levers

Lead generation is a very special discipline because depending on the vertical, the levers used are very different.

At the same time we advocate being everywhere. In this sense, we support our clients on new levers to seek more volume and break their beliefs.

Competence poles

We are the generation that takes the lead in the commercial relationship...

WE IDENTIFY THE LEADS & TRANSFORM THEM Specialist in business development and pioneer in digital marketing, we support you towards ever more innovative and effective lead generation models.

Each online communication must give a call to action encouraging them to communicate their contact details: surname - first name - company - position - email address

Initially, little information then gradual qualification (address, area, etc.) and email/telephone communications adapted until the lead is transformed

What is the main advantage of outsourcing sales prospecting?

From the definition of the marketing strategy to customer targeting and up to the signing of the sales contract, commercial prospecting is the fundamental pillar of a company's development.
However, given the resources and skills that this activity requires , commercial prospecting is often relegated to a second level when it represents the cornerstone of a company's performance and sustainability.

Access to know-how and business expertise in lead generation is the main advantage of outsourcing the commercial prospecting of your professional organization among many others:

Winning new customers and implementing high value-added sales approaches cannot be improvised. It is a real know-how that is often far removed from the core business of an entrepreneur.
Whether it is teleprospecting, emailing, a direct sales approach or digital prospecting, the implementation of a winning action plan for your company requires you to invest in human and technical resources that represent an additional burden and do not generate direct profits for your structure.
From active prospecting to telephone or digital prospecting, we use all the communication and direct or indirect approach levers to generate leads and efficiently feed your customer file.
Whether you need a sales force to supplement that of your sales representatives or to outsource your sales campaigns entirely, Sales Leads offers you the services of experienced marketers, project managers and sales directors recognised for their know-how and their mastery of the various prospecting techniques.
Outsourcing your commercial prospecting with Sales Leads is the guarantee of carrying out high value-added marketing actions in perfect harmony with your operations and your corporate strategy.
Follow the example of many companies that have chosen outsourced customer prospecting by opting for Sales Leads expertise.