Our business

Sales Leads, our outsourced prospecting agency, supports you throughout your lead generation process.

Our sales teams are entirely dedicated to project detection in the Business-to-Business sector and help you focus on the best prospects.
Our ability to work on complex, high value-added offers and our ability to address high-level decision-makers means that Sales Leads the partner of choice for developing a customer portfolio through outsourced sales prospecting.

Our commitments

Accelerate your outsourced business development through our modern project identification methods.

Giving you access to the best data and innovative technologies is the key to ensuring the success of your marketing campaigns through outsourced business development.

With Sales Leads, you have access to
our strategic database of over 350,000 qualified contacts as well as the deployment of technological bricks around our CRM « Initiative CRM » allowing you to automate and industrialise your campaigns for even greater efficiency and results in a marketing automation logic.

Sales Leads supports you throughout the entire marketing chain, from outsourced commercial prospecting to the conclusion of deals.